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This is one of the very best acupuncture centers I have encountered in the Irvine area. Reza us caring and thorough. The office is clean and pleasant. I recommend this center with no reservations. - Julian P.

Irvine Acupuncture helped me quit smoking. During our initial consultation, IA assisted me in determining a course of therapy that covered the mental and physical aspects associated with nicotine withdrawal. The results were simply fantastic, no pain, no stress and no agitation. I would recommend Irvine Acupuncture to anyone. - Michael D.

I was having severe headaches and coudn't seem to find relief at all. They would come and go for weeks and I hated to keep taking pain relievers, so I decided to have acupuncture because a friend of mine told me that she had them and acupuncture helped. I went and got acupuncture treatments and in a few sessions my headaches went away and I have not had one for nearly a year. I recommend Irvine Acupuncture for treatments for headaches. - Headaches (posted by S H.)

I had been having hot flashes for about ten years, before I went to Reza. I found his office to be very pleasant and very clean, and Reza to be both professional and friendly. The treatments were very relaxing - You might feel a couple of the needles very slightly for an instant when they go in - I am a frist class major medical wimp and I had no problems with it. My hot flashes have greatly diminished in intensity and are less frequent. I have also used the herbs that Reza has given me and they have helped as well. I would definitely recommend Reza to others. - Hot Flash (posted by J.T., Newport Beach CA)

Exceptional....In every facet the word means. There are many words to describe my experience with Reza Tafazoli, at Irvine Acupuncture but the first that come to mind are: 1.) Professionalism, 2.) Friendliness, 3.) Compassion, 4.) Detailed, 5.) Expertise, 6.) Respect and 7.) Honesty. I am an avid distance runner, and had injured my right knee. After waiting for the pain and inflammation to subside over several months I finally decided to make an appointment to see Reza. All I have to say is....I'm able to run over 7 miles again without knee swelling and pain. Simple.....He's a true technician and artist in his profession. Reza, I appreciate and thank you so much for what you were able to do. - Knee Pain (posted by Zaman J, Newyork NY)

Reza is one of the best acupuncturist's I've ever been to. I highly recommend him. I have been extremely happy with his service and my results! Reza is an excellent practitioner with a very gentle touch, a calm caring manner and a very professional approach. And most importantly - I have gotten nearly immediate results from his treatments. As a patient of Reza's for nearly a year, I have been seeing him for two issues: First, for a nervous stomach and then, most recently, for weight loss. My nervous stomach has decreased by over 70% in intensity since starting my treatment - a miracle! I've been struggling with it for over 20 years and nothing has worked prior to acupuncture! And for weight loss, over the course of 4 months, I have lost 12 pounds which I attribute solely to his treatments. My hunger has decreased by over half and I am better able to control my hunger in general. I watched myself lose about a pound a week and now that I've reached my goal weight, the weight has stayed off. A general note about acupuncture for the squeamish: I promise you acupuncture does not hurt and the benefits are astounding. Most people are afraid of needles and the possibility of pain. No need! Acupuncture does not hurt at all. At worst, for one initial nanosecond, it feels like a slight, mild pin pick. The benefits, on the other hand, last forever. The whole process is completely painless and very comfortable. In addition, his office is extremely clean and attractive. Again I highly recommend him! - Best Acupuncturist! (posted by vtsoren)

I suffer from neck and shoulder pains due to stress several times a year(EVERY YEAR). I was getting used to having these pains for several weeks at a time and had to wait it out by suffering and taking pills, but now all I do is make a trip to Mr. Tafazolie's office and the pain is gone after only 2 acupuncture treatments... I swear by Mr. Tafazolie's work and recommend it to everyone...

I also do cupping after my acupuncture treatments because it shortens the process and leaves you with a warm relaxing sensation for 2-3 days... It really feels like he takes off 1000 pound off of my shoulders...

If you're afraid of needles, like I am, ask him to do his relaxing technique on you, OMG it does wonders.

Over all I'm very happy with his work and actually look forward to my neck pains so I can go rest in his office and get his relaxing treatments... - Severe Neck/Shoulder Pain (posted by Halleh A, Irvine CA)

Very interesting....never had this type of service done before, but have to admit it exceeded my expectations. Staff was very nice, friendly and answered all my questions. Would recommend. - Irvine Acupuncture (posted by Debbie C.)

I have suffered from increasing facial pain from TMJ over the past few years, and have tried a ton of different approaches to relieving it. After just a few sessions with Reza, pain and tension in my jaw had been significantly reduced. I highly recommend his services to anyone seeking relief from any sort of facial pain disorder. - Much needed relief from TMJ pain (posted by anonymous299)

It is my pleasure to recommend Reza Tafazoli. I've been in his care for three years. I'm 78 years old, and thanks to his treatments I've done great! He has majic hands. - Hip & Shoulder Pain (Dick Miller, Irvine, CA)

I suffered w/kidney stones in my right kidney, too big to pass, for a couple of years before deciding to resolve the issue by means of acupuncture-a first time for me. My kidney stones had been causing me a lot of pain and it wasn't until it became almost intolerable that I scheduled my first session w/ Ray @ Irvine Acupuncture. I received 3 consecutive treatments, w/ relief from pain only after the first session. A few months later, I went to the doctor to have my kidney x-rayed & examined only to find that my kidney stones were completely gone. With only three sessions and without aid of any natural supplements, not only I but my doctor was shocked that my kidney stones were completely gone. I am happy to report I am pain and kidney stone free! Thank You! - Kidney Stones (T.D., Irvine, CA)

Irvine Acupuncture helped me quit smoking. During our initial consultation, IA assisted me in determining a course of therapy that covered the mental and physical aspects associated with nicotine withdrawal. The results were simply fantastic, no pain, no stress and no agitation. I would recommend Irvine Acupuncture to anyone.” - Quit Smoking (Michael D.)

I have had pitted edema in my lower leg, ankle & foot following a surgery. Reza was able to significantly reduce the swelling in my leg. In addition there has been reduction in the swelling in my foot and ankle. I am pleased to recommend Irvine Acupuncture - especially since my 2 traditional medicine doctors said I would just have to live with the edema. - Lower Leg Edema after Surgery (D.G, Carlsbad, CA)

Dear Ray and Roxanna, I wanted to sincerely thank you both for your kindness, yesterday. I felt so alone with my problems, and was at my wits end where to turn, so to have you both willing to try and help me was overwhelming. Not only that, but to have acupuncture and dentistry in the same office is absolutely a miracle, and I had a whole bunch of family praying to the good Lord on my behalf, and I know He found you guys. The day I called, Ray, I had tried several hypnotherapists and got their voice mail. Then I tried several acupuncture places and got you. I said I would have called you back, but I wouldn't have done, and after my call with you I tried several more acupuncture places and got voicemail. I was just sitting there wondering what the heck I could do when you called me. Thank you so much for calling back. When I explained the problem and you said your wife was a dentist I was stunned. I got home yesterday afternoon and I felt very fatigued. I rested on the bed for a while, and my husband, Steve, and I had a light, soft meal and we just chilled out in front of the TV. I normally fight with my teeth constantly and that's when I get the jaw spasms and the over active saliva. Last night my jaw felt so relaxed, and I didn't experience any discomfort at all. This is the first time in 9 months my jaw has relaxed - I had forgotten what normal feels like. When I woke this morning it still feels great. My mouth fits together, and my jaw doesn't feel tight. I can't begin to explain to you the sheer relief, and, I know this sounds crazy, but I think I am beginning to forget about my mouth! I just pray this is the end to this nightmare. You were both so kind and gracious to me I found it very emotional in your office, and thank you seems so inadequate, but THANK YOU! - Jaw / Tooth Pain (Pamela G.,Tustin CA)

Before going to Irvine Acupuncture my neck had been hurting for seven months. I had extreme pain and muscle spasms that would not go away. I saw an Orthopedic Surgeon, a Neurologist, and a Pain Specialist. They prescribed muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory medications. I even tried cortisone injections. None of these helped alleviate the pain. Within two weeks of seeing Reza (Ray), my symptoms were 50% better, and after one month of treatment the muscle spasms were gone! I highly recommend Irvine Acupuncture. Thank you, Ray! - Neck & Shoulder Pain (EM, Irvine, CA)

I highly recommend the services of Irvine Acupuncture and Reza Tafazoli...

For a few months I was experiencing pain in my neck/shoulder area. After visiting with "western" medicine doctors, I was told that I would have to take muscle relaxers, go to months of physical therapy and even then the pain may never fully subside. Unhappy with the prospect of never fully being healed I looked into other methods of treatment. Reza was very patient and understanding, explaining every thing he was doing, as well as answering all my questions. The actual procedure was also very surprising - painless, and actually the after effect is like getting a really good massage. I have no more neck/shoulder pain since I have started treatment 🙂
Thank you again Irvine Acupuncture! - Neck & Shoulder Pain ( Julie C., Irvine, CA)

My Carpel Tunnel was acting up again and after three sessions at Irvine Acupuncture the pain went away. I continued to go even after my hand pain to improve my immune system. To my surprise I passed the last flu season (with two kids in the house) without getting sick. I am very grateful for all the care and the ancient wisdom that was given to me at Irvine Acupuncture. - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (B.A., Newport Beach, CA)

After moving to OC from San Francisco, CA four years ago I was having difficulty finding an acupuncturist within my area that I felt would be able to match that of my previous acupuncturist. I have received one treatment at the Irvine Acupuncture Center and am looking forward to returning for again. Having previous problems with kidney stones, drug addiction, depression and anxiety during stressful periods of time, I found that acupuncture has been an effective and healthier alternative for my treatment as opposed to other means. Because of the complex nature of my various conditions at times I found it difficult to find an acupuncturist that would be able to truly help me sustain the results I desired.

Upon my first visit to the Irvine Acupuncture center I was very pleased with how relaxing and clean the entire place was. Reza was very understanding about my conditions and spent a great deal of time going through my health and medical history thoroughly to ensure how to best help me. In addition, he did an exceptional job of explaining the various processes to me while providing recommendations for breathing exercises and day to day stress relieving activities. After one appointment I already feel better and look forward to continued success. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this place to anyone, especially those interested in acupuncture that may be apprehensive. - Depression (Carla Maria C., CA)

Two years ago I came down with a malady that caused me to lose the ability to walk. I was losing my balance and both ankles and feet were swollen to the point that I could not wear shoes! I was referred to Ray when traditional medicine failed to work.. After only a few (3)sessions, I regained my balance, and the swelling was gone! Although initially skeptical of non-traditional medicine, I have actual proof that acupuncture is the way to go. Ray is so supportive and understanding. I would encourage anyone to visit Irvine Acupuncture - You will not be sorry.! - Neurological (C.G, CA)

I was referred to Irvine Acupuncture by a friend, whose neurologist referred her. After over a year of symptoms (tingling in my hands and joint inflammation), I've experienced a dramatic decrease in my symptoms. Re (the acupuncturist) provides individualized treatment and a relaxing therapeutic experience.

Seriously, if you are looking for an alternative type of therapy, check out Irvine Acupuncture. You won't be sorry!!! - Tingling of Hands and Joint Inflammation (L.N., CA)

My first experience with acupuncture was the result of being diagnosed with RSD, a symptom affecting the nerves in my legs that my neurologist advised 'may' be fixed with a nerve block procedure.  While visiting my dentist and telling her what I have been going through, she recommended I talk to her husband, Reza Tafazoli of Irvine Acupuncture.  After a professionally handled initial consultation, I began treatments.  Within 3 months of beginning those treatments, my nerve pain went away and has not returned over a year later.  An added bonus was that I also had Reza assist with treatment to quit smoking and I have not had any desire to smoke since August 2011, when I had my treatment.  Reza is caring and immediately puts you at ease.  The facility is clean and relaxing.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Reza andIrvine Acupuncture.  I have personally experienced the benefits of acupuncture and acupuncture will permanently be my alternative path to traditional medical treatment. - Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD) (C. Clark, Tx)

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