Stress Relief

Research has indicated that acupuncture can have a therapeutic value in the management of stress, anxiety, depression and associated health problems.

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine approach the person as whole. The reason one person is stressed will not be the same for another person. Stress indicates that some part of your life is out of balance. At Irvine Acupuncture we assess your general state of well being in order to identify the underlying pattern of disharmony and to give the most effective treatment.

When all the information has been gathered we will select the most appropriate treatment. The answer lies not only in eliminating the causes of stress, but also in managing the side effects of stress.

Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are very useful in the management end. Your lifestyle changes can help with the causes.

There are specific acupuncture points that release the trapped emotions inside our body. By releasing the emotions, we can help our patients change their response to stress, and thereby enable them to heal the main source of their stress trigger. After just a few acupuncture treatments, you should feel more energized, less tense, and better prepared to deal with challenges that present themselves in the every day life.

At Irvine Acupuncture we use acupuncture and herbs to treat patients with high stress. Each patient receives a customized treatment according to their signs and symptoms. Patients usually see improvement in their stress levels after 3-6 treatments.

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